The man charged with winning back the House for Democrats said Saturday Republicans are committing “political suicide” by adding contentious provisions to a spending bill days before the government shuts down.

“It’s a plan to shut down the government,” said Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

House Republicans announced earlier Saturday they would amend a Senate-passed continuing resolution by adding a one-year delay of President Obama’s signature healthcare law and a repeal of its medical device tax. Senate leaders have vowed to reject the measures, significantly increasing the odds of a government shutdown beginning Tuesday.

Senior House Republicans have warned that a shutdown or a default on the nation’s debt could be the only events that could allow Democrats to win the 17 seats they need to capture the House majority in 2014.

“I don’t mind the Republicans committing political suicide, but they’re dragging the country and the economy down with them,” Israel told The Hill. “I think we have a path to win 17 seats in November of 2014. I’m just worried about what kind of damage Republicans are going to inflict on the economy between now and then.”