Ryan called entitlement spending "the nation's biggest challenge" in his op-ed.

In one release, targeting Rep. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.), DCCC spokeswoman Emily Bittner accused him of sacrificing seniors to open the government.

“As if Congressman Runyan’s irresponsible shutdown couldn’t get worse, now he and House Republicans are demanding that we throw our seniors under the bus in exchange for reopening the government and averting a fiscal crisis,” she said.

“Congressman Runyan’s reckless shutdown has now dragged on for 10 days, but he continues to refuse to work with Democrats on a reasonable bipartisan solution. Congressman Runyan continues to be wildly out of touch with the reality in New Jersey, where voters are looking for solutions, not more radical demands that hurt our seniors and the middle class.”

It's a new front in the shutdown blame game, which continues to rage as Congress enters its 10th day unable to find a solution.

The new attack illustrates how strong a position Democrats feel they're in on the shutdown. For the past week and a half, the DCCC has hammered Republicans for their role in orchestrating it and the continued effects.

Now, they're opening an offensive hitting a leading Republican for offering a solution.

Ryan's op-ed was seen as a potential option to end the stalemate between the two parties, but it was immediately criticized by conservatives because it lacked any mention of ObamaCare — the controversial law over which the shutdown began.

Democrats believe the shutdown will be politically harmful for Republicans in 2014 and beyond, as polling shows them receiving more of the blame for the situation.

Republicans, however, believe public opposition to ObamaCare is strong enough that they'll emerge victorious if they continue to fight for changes to the law.