Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who won last week's CPAC 2012 poll and became a cult figure in the 2008 presidential race, alluded to his possible retirement in a recent CNN interview.

Paul's office, however, said the congressman "is not retiring."

"I think that was just off-hand," his spokeswoman said. "I don't think he's thought about [retiring] at all."

In a joint interview with his son, Rand Paul, who is running for the GOP Senate nomination in Kentucky, Ron Paul said on CNN's "The Situation Room": "I'll soon retire."

The 11-term lawmaker was cut off before he could finish his sentence but did say of his son: "He's doing such a good job I think I'll just sort of fade away."

Texas's filing deadline was Jan. 4 and Paul is on the ballot. As for 2012, whether he'll run for re-election or make another presidential race, only time will tell -- unless he does another interview.