Republicans are filling out their ballot in Arkansas, where a couple candidates are eyeing up Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.).

Ross is the only Democrat in the state's delegation who hasn't announced his retirement, and he has also escaped a serious challenge. But Republicans now say they have a pair of credible candidates stepping forward.

Businessman Glenn Gallas will file for the seat this week, and he could soon be joined by former Huckabee staffer Beth Anne Rankin.

Gallas is a former chairman of the Garland County GOP and an active member of the Tea Party movement. Rankin is a former Miss Arkansas and is the daughter of the president of Southern Arkansas University. A bio is here.

Ross's seat was a 58-39 McCain district, but the Blue Dog won't be easy to take down. If a GOP wave washes over Arkansas, however, Republicans will at least have candidates in place.