The GOP is targeting New Mexico Democratic Reps. Martin Heinrich and Harry Teague, among others, for accepting campaign contributions from Rep. Charlie Rangel (R-N.Y.). The National Republican Campaign Committee this week blasted the two freshmen for "letting Rangel off the hook" by keeping his campaign contributions. There's just one problem -- the money's already been spent.

From the Albuquerque Journal:

According to Federal Election Commission records, Heinrich accepted $12,000 in campaign contributions from Rangel during the 2008 campaign cycle, while Teague took $4,500. Neither of the first-term New Mexico Democratic congressmen has accepted any campaign cash from Rangel during the current cycle in which they are seeking re-election.

"That was money that was raised before he (Teague) was in Congress, and that money was spent on that (2008) campaign," spokeswoman Sara Schreiber said.

"That money has been spent," said John Blair, a spokesman for Heinrich.

Meanwhile, The Hotline has a list of what other members have done with their Rangel campaign cash.