Former congressional aide Mark Critz has won the Democratic nomination for the special election to replace the late Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.).

Critz, a former district director for Murtha, defeated state Treasurer Barbara Hafer after a vote of the state executive committee Monday. Critz was also the choice of Democratic leaders in Murtha's district, who recommended him to the state committee on Saturday.

Hafer and Navy veteran Ryan Bucchianeri are still expected to run in the regular primary, which will be held May 18 alongside the special election. Hafer, in particular, has been going after Critz's record, and if she runs in the primary, Critz will effectively have two candidates from two different races gunning for him at once.

Republicans will pick their special election nominee on March 11. Vying on their side are businessman Tim Burns and 2008 nominee William Russell.