Democrats continue to target National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) – this time invoking a well-known adult film actress in a bid to pressure Sessions on earmarks.

"For Pete Sessions' Republican caucus to talk about earmark reform is like Jenna Jameson giving a helpful lesson on chastity," Jesse Ferguson, a DCCC spokesman, said in a statement. Ferguson went on to ask whether Sessions "will truly support a ban on earmarks that benefit for-profit companies or will he limit earmarks only to unwarranted projects for former staffers with criminal records like he's fought for in the past?"

Sessions' office said the Texas Republican already instituted a moratorium on earmarks -- over a year ago.

"It's entertaining that the scandal-plagued Democrat Party is so desperate to change the subject that they are now asking a Congressman who publicly instituted an earmark moratorium over a year ago if he is going to accept an earmark moratorium," said Emily Davis, a spokeswoman for Sessions.