Retiring Rep. Dennis Moore's (D-Kan.) wife will seek to replace him in the House.

Stephene Moore's name came up and recent weeks, and now it appears she will take the plunge. It should be a hard race in a tough environment, but her surname should be worth something to voters who have routinely returned her husband to Congress in a tough district.

Democrats had been without a candidate in the race for months, since Moore's announcement in November.

From the Kansas City Star:

A "Moore" will be on the ballot again this year for Congress in Kansas.
Democratic sources this afternoon tell Prime Buzz that Stephene Moore, wife of the six-term Democratic congressman, will run to succeed her husband this year.
Democrats recently polled the district. The result? "Basically a coin flip," the source said.
Stephene Moore becomes the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination, given her high name ID. But she will have to get past the GOP nominee in what shapes up as a tough Democratic year (but maybe not as tough now that the health care bill is law).
No word yet on timing of a formal announcement