New Hampshire House candidate Katrina Swett (D) announced Thursday she raised $325,000 since launching her campaign in January.

Swett also has the advantage of starting the race with money left over from her brief 2008 Senate run. As a result, her House campaign ended the first fundraising quarter with over $1 million in the bank -- $970,000 of which is designated for the primary.

One of Swett's main rivals for the nod is attorney Ann McLane Kuster (D) who reported raising $285,000 last quarter. Her campaign trumpeted the donor support she's received in-state, noting it's gotten $475,000 of the $835,000 it's raised to date from New Hampshire donors. The Kuster camp said it's waiting for the April 15 deadline to release it's cash on hand.

New Hampshire's 2nd district is an open race -- Rep. Paul Hodes (D-N.H.) is running for Senate -- and Republican strategists are excited about the possibility of a tough Democratic primary.

"They could be short on cash and bruised afterward," said one GOP strategist on background, noting that the primary is in September. "If that causes the DCCC to swoop in and drop money, that's fine because Dems have a registration advantage here, so the fact that they have to spend here and there across the country in places where they shouldn't, can spread them thin."

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