Businessman Bill Flores won the GOP primary runoff to face Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) Tuesday night, and Edwards came out swinging Wednesday morning, attacking his new opponent on his lack of a voting record.

“This race will focus on two key facts: First, I am a champion for our veterans and military families and have worked effectively on a bipartisan basis for jobs and economic development for our district," Edwards said in a video. "Second, Mr. Flores has been recruited by Washington, D.C. insiders to try to buy our district’s congressional seat with millions of dollars he has made as a Houston oil executive, even though he has never once voted in a general election in our district — not even once.”

Flores initially said that he voted for his runoff opponent, Rob Curnock, in 2008. Later, he admitted that he didn't actually vote in the race.

Flores spokesman Matt Mackowiak responds: "Career politician Chet Edwards didn't even wait 12 hours to begin desperately attacking, cynically suggesting that a person's vote can be bought. After over 20 years in politics, Chet chooses to attack Bill Flores rather than state his vision or defend his own record."

Updated at 4:16 p.m.