Connecticut Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal (D) remains out front of his GOP rivals in a new Rasmussen Reports poll. 

The state's attorney general garnered more than 50 percent support from likely voters and held a double-digit lead when matched against the top three Republican candidates.

Blumenthal led former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon by 52 to 39 percent. In a match up with former Rep. Rob Simmons, the Democrat’s support climbed to 55, while the Republican got 32 percent.

Investment banker Peter Schiff trailed Blumenthal 54 to 29 percent.

There was some good news for McMahon from May 4 survey -- she was the only Republican candidate who beat Blumenthal among Independent voters. She also had the highest favorability rating of the GOP field. 

The poll will also be a relief to Blumenthal, who had been called "Martha Coakley in pants" in a recent New York Times profile. The paper wrote in the April piece, "He appears almost incapable of offering concise answers to even the most predictable questions, like why he is running for the Senate."