Idaho House candidate Vaughn Ward (R) is under a microscope of media attention because of some recent misteps and another that came last night, when he misidentified Puerto Rico in a debate with his primary opponent, Raul Labrador, who was born on the island.

Both men were asked if the self-governing U.S. territory should be made a state. (Its residents are already American citizens.)

They agreed that it shouldn't, but during Ward's answer he called the island a "country."

"I don't care what state it is or what country is it that wants to become a part of America, it's not time, it's not going to be time," Ward said. "Let's focus on us first."

"I just need to correct," Labrador injected. "Puerto Rico's not a country." He suggested Ward take a "civics lesson."

"I really don’t care what it is," Ward replied. "It doesn't matter."

The primary vote is May 25.