NEW ORLEANS -- Liz Cheney said Thursday that the Obama Administration has dishonored fallen soldiers by engaging in a strategy of appeasing its enemies.

The former vice president’s daughter said at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference that the administration’s strategy is to “apologize for America, abandon our allies, and appease our enemies.”

“It dishonors this nation and the brave men and women who have fought and died for our freedom,” Cheney said.

She pointed in particular to the reception Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received at a recent meeting at the White House. Republicans criticized the White House for not rolling out the red carpet more for Netanyahu.

News also broke Thursday that Netanyahu had cancelled his trip to the nuclear summit in Washington next week.

Cheney said the White House’s treatment of Netanyahu was “just disgraceful.”

Not everything from the vice president’s daughter was so negative. In fact, Cheney even praised Obama for putting General Stanley McChrystal in charge in Afghanistan and for the troop surge there.

But she continued to hammer away at Obama’s foreign policy and at the lawyers who represent Guantanamo detainees.

“If (Attorney General) Eric Holder is looking for patriots and heroes to bravely defend, I suggest he start with soldiers who have fought, captured and interrogated enemies of the American people,” Cheney said.