Obama Rerun

Obama Rerun

GOP works to weigh down Obama with Corzine controversy

Republicans sought Thursday to tie President Obama to embattled former Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) — and the futures brokerage firm that collapsed under his leadership.

Corzine, who had been widely discussed as a possible Obama pick to replace Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, has taken the brunt of the blame as the firm he ran, MF Global, enters bankruptcy. While the firm's biggest troubles stemmed from overinvesting in European government bonds, regulators are also looking into what happened to hundreds of millions of dollars that have gone missing.

Dubbing him "the ex-future Obama Treasury secretary," the Republican National Committee issued a research document Thursday to call attention to the federal investigation into the work of one of Obama's top allies in the Wall Street community.

The attack on Corzine was the latest attempt by Republicans to paint Obama as inept on handling fiscal issues and incapable of pursuing the proper steps to right the economy. Republican groups have also been unrelenting in hitting Obama on Solyndra, the failed solar company that received one-half billion dollars in taxpayer loan guarantees.

The RNC document lays out the ties between Obama and Corzine both on fiscal policy issues and fundraising from Wall Street donors, arguing that Corzine's woes contribute to what they call Obama's failed record on rectifying the economy.