Obama and Biden to 'tag-team' 2010

The president and vice president will have a "tag-team arrangement" during the 2010 midterm campaign.

President Barack Obama will continue raising money while trying to rekindle the enthusiasm of his 2008 supporters. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden will travel to working-class congressional districts that are receptive to "his blue-collar persona," according to the Los Angeles Times.

"We'll be going where candidates ask us to go," explained Obama adviser David Axelrod. "We'll raise some money. And in the end, it will be important for him to communicate to those voters who supported him in the last election and might not generally vote in an off-year election as to why it's important to come out. And only he can really do that."

Some House Democrats told the paper the tag-team plan was preferable to having Obama campaign in more conservative districts where his message isn't resonating.

"We don't want to be seen with him, but we still need our base to turn out, and our base pays attention to him," one House Democratic aide said.

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