In the three-ring political circus that is Chicago's race for mayor, the man renting Rahm Emanuel's Chicago home dropped out of the contest Monday.

Rob Halpin, who spurred a challenge to Emanuel's residency when he refused to leave the White House chief of staff's home after resigning to run for mayor, bowed out of the race but will still testify at Emanuel's residency hearing.

In a statement, Halpin said "the realities of entering the race at this relatively late stage, including the financial and legal hurdles I’d have to leap in order to win, have forced me to reassess my intention to run at this time." 

Halpin added that he has "no plans to either endorse or work against any current candidates and have faith that the voters of Chicago will make the right choice in electing new leadership."

Emanuel opponents are claiming the former congressman doesn't meet the city's residency requirement. But his campaign maintains that he never forfeited his Chicago residency and simply lived elsewhere temporarily while working as President Obama's chief of staff in Washington.

Emanuel is expected to testify at a hearing to determine whether he is eligible for the ballot sometime in the next week. 

Also in the race for mayor is Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) and former Sen. Carol Mosely Braun (D-Ill.).