A new profile of Rahm Emanuel notes two factors in the Chicago mayoral race that could derail his candidacy. 

The former White House chief of staff is considered the front-runner in the crowded field competing for the two slots in the November runoff. He's been polling well ahead of his competition, but Crain's Greg Hinz notes there are a couple things that could hurt his bid. 

One is a terrible relationship with Hispanic leaders, who pretty much accuse him of betraying them on immigrants' rights. “He's voted the right way, but he's actively encouraged people to vote the opposite way,” Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez says.

Hispanics could become a critical swing vote if Mr. Emanuel finds himself in a runoff against Carol Moseley Braun. As mayor, he would need support for his programs from Hispanic aldermen.

Another is city knowledge. While Mr. Emanuel is a self-made man in the way that the son of Mayor Richard J. Daley never was, he grew up in the suburbs and lacks this mayor's instinctive, almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things Chicago.

The nonpartisan mayoral primary is Feb. 22. The candidates' next fundraising reports are due Jan. 20.