The sum will help the committee execute an "unprecedented field operation" to support candidates at all levels, according to a release.

Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the RNC is engaging in on-the-ground efforts early to ensure electoral successes next November,

“The RNC is engaging with voters in the field earlier than ever and working to hold Democrats up and down the ballot accountable for their misguided agenda,” he said.

The committee has been working to revamp its digital and field operations following a disappointing showing in 2012, when Republicans failed to take the Senate or the White House, and lost seats in the House.

An extensive post-mortem report recommended a wide range of improvements for the party, including investments in its digital efforts and its outreach to minorities.

Priebus indicated that effort is well underway.

“We already have more staff on the ground than in headquarters and are continuing to build out our data and digital teams. It’s imperative that we keep building a permanent, nationwide campaign to provide our candidates with the necessary tools and resources to achieve success," he said.

Ninety-eight percent of the committee's donations came from donors who gave less than $200, and the average donation to the committee in the month of August was $48 dollars, typically an indication of strong grassroots involvement.

The Democratic National Committee has not yet released its August fundraising numbers, but the RNC outraised the DNC by $2 million in July.