Democrats are beginning to sound more optimistic about November and polls show they have reason to believe the worst has past.

A new Public Policy Polling survey has Democrats leading on the generic Congressional ballot for the first time since December.

The margin is somewhat fleeting, Dems are only up 43-41 percent over Republicans, but the results show the base appears more unified.

Democratic voters are planning to support their candidates by a 76-point margin, 84-8. That's an 11-point increase from March when it was just 65 points at 80-15, according to PPP.

The reason for that, many strategists argue, is the passage of the healthcare reform bill in March.

Independents still lean toward the GOP by a 36-21 margin but that 15-point deficit is smaller than the 44-26 percent gap from earlier surveys.

PPP, a Democratic-leaning polling firm, surveyed 650 voters around the country June 4-7.