Obama leads Romney 46 percent to 36, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson taking 6 percent.

That’s good news in the short term for the Obama campaign, as some have speculated that the recall election facing Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker might mobilize and energize the GOP base there.

Walker leads Milwaukee Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett 50 percent to 42, according to the Reason-Rupe poll.

Obama’s job approval rating in Wisconsin mirrors his rating nationally, with 49 percent saying they approve versus 45 percent who disapprove.

Wisconsin is one of 12 battleground states — the others are Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire — that will be critical in determining the outcome of the 2012 election.

While national polls show an even race, Obama has outperformed Romney recently in some swing-state polls.

According to a NBC News-Marist poll released Thursday, Obama leads 48 percent to 44 in Florida and Virginia, and holds a 48-42 lead over Romney in Ohio.

Other recent polls show Obama with a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, a 5-point lead in Michigan and a 1-point lead in North Carolina.

The Reason-Rupe poll was conducted between May 14 and May 18 and has a 3.7 percent margin of error.