Obama's advantage in Ohio seems built at least partially on a superior ground game in the state. While 36 percent of voters say they have been contacted by the Obama campaign, only 29 percent say that they have been reached out to by Republicans.

Ohio voters also seem generally pleased with the president's job performance, with 56 percent saying they approve of Obama's time in the White House, and 53 percent saying they approved of his economic performance. Obama leads Romney 50-43 percent on economic issues in a head-to-head question about who would better deal with the economy; voters favor the president 57-34 percent when asked who better understands their economic concerns.

Similarly, in Florida, 55 percent of voters approve of Obama's general handling of the presidency, and 52 percent say they approve the president's handling of the economy.

There are a few positive signs for Romney, however. In Florida, Romney is seen as about equal with Obama on who would best handle the economy. And in Ohio, only 38 percent rank the economy as "excellent" or "good."