Obama has a net positive job approval rating at 49-48. 

Romney , the former governor in the neighboring state of Massachusetts, however, has an underwater favorability rating with 51 percent of voters having a negative opinion to 47 positive.

Voters are split on the issues, with Romney better trusted on the economy by 49-47, and Obama trusted on foreign policy by a 51-46 split.

Obama’s edge in the state is thanks in part to his strength among female voters. Obama leads among women with 57 percent support to Romney at 39. Romney though has a strong 56-39 edge aong men.

The GOP nominee has a slight advantage with independent voters, topping the president with 47 percent support to 45.

New Hampshire is one of 12 battleground states carried by Obama in 2008 that will likely determine the outcome of this year’s race.

Polls have consistently shown a close contest in New Hampshire, with a New England College poll putting Obama up 3 at 49 to 46.

A poll from GOP-leaning Rasmussen, however, gave the edge to Romney at 50 percent to Obama at 48.

The PPP poll was conducted from Oct. 26 to 28 and has a 3-point margin of error.