Romney leads with 49 percent support among likely voters to Obama's 48, well within the margin of error, according to a poll from conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports.

Tuesday's daily tracking poll shows a tiny change from Sunday's results, which found Obama and Romney tied at 49. Rasmussen's results are in keeping with other recent nationwide polls that show the race a dead heat.

Despite that, more voters believe Obama will win than Romney, at 52 to 38 percent, according to the poll. 

Neither candidate has an edge on favorability, both polling at 50 percent. Obama's job approval also remains steady at 50 percent.

But the poll gives Romney a slight edge when voters were asked about confidence in improving the economy. The poll says 50 percent trust Romney more, compared to 47 percent who pick the president, on an issue voters say is paramount in the election.

The poll includes those who already cast an early ballot. Rasmussen found Obama holds an edge among those who voted early, with Romney leading among those who say they are voting on Election Day. 

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.