In a letter to members of the Democratic National Committee, Minnesota's two Democratic senators argued the DNC shouldn't pick a host city for the party's 2012 convention based solely on politics. 

Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar pitched Minneapolis, which hosted the Republican convention in 2008, as the "proper political setting for the 2012 election," noting its sizable population of union voters and its "political importance" in Obama's win two years ago.  

The letter goes on to say the decision on a host city for the 2012 convention "has as much to do with politics as it does with logistics. To that end, please keep in mind that history shows the national political convention site doesn't necessarily influence the outcome of the election. In fact, only half the time has the state in which the DNC was hosted, went for the Democratic Party in the general election." 

The other cities under consideration are Charlotte, N.C., Cleveland and St. Louis, which is seen as the favorite among Democratic insiders and the likely the preference of the White House.  

Minneapolis is seen as an unlikely selection by most. Of the four states that could host the convention in two years, Minnesota is the most Democratic.

"Our state is in play and has political importance. It's time again for Democrats to lay claim to Minnesota and help regain control in 2012," the letter concluded. 

A decision on the host city is expected before the end of the year.