Alabama Republican Dale Peterson, whose failed campaign for state Agriculture Commissioner last year made national waves after his shotgun-toting campaign ads went viral, is working hard to upend some actual presidential contenders this weekend.

Peterson is running a write-in campaign in the Conservative Political Action Conference's straw poll race, the results of which will come late Saturday afternoon.

The reason? He thinks the current crop of rumored GOP presidential contenders are nothing more than "the same old repackaged retreads, with the same tired message."

Asked if there's anyone in the rumored field he might want to support, Peterson said, "Nope. Not a single one of 'em."

Peterson's booth is one of the most popular attractions in CPAC's exhibition area, giving out hundreds of his trademark cowboy hats complete with a "write-in Dale Peterson" campaign button.

"If we can get enough folks to write us in and have a good showing, maybe we can wake some people up," Peterson said.

He thinks Republicans have only "a slim shot at beating the president this next time around; but if we don't change the dynamics, we have no shot."

Peterson, who has formed his own 527 group, wouldn't rule out another campaign in 2012 and promised to make more noise on the airwaves again next year.

"To be honest, I don't even know what I'm doing," he said. "But I know American wants something different."

Here's one his most-viewed campaign ads from last year: