Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton is still weighing a presidential bid next year, saying of a 2012 run Saturday, "I think it's doable, politically."

Bolton was well received by conservative activists for his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in which he laid into President Obama's posture on the crisis in Egypt and his foreign policy approach more generally.

Weighing heavily in his decision making process on a 2012 run, said Bolton, is what he sees as the need for "returning national security to the center of our priorities."

Aside from Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Bolton was one of the only CPAC speakers to focus heavily on Egypt in his remarks.

"I don't feel under time pressure," Bolton said when asked about his 2012 thinking. "I think the field is wide open and I think the possibility of an entry even late this year is still possible."