Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Venura said he'd consider running on a national ticket with Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

Paul, who sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, said last week that he will make a final decision on a 2012 White House bid "within a couple of months."

During an interview on "Good Morning America" Thursday, Ventura said he'd "give great consideration" to being Paul's vice presidential nominee, but only if Paul ran as an independent.

"I will not be a Democrat or Republican. They are the problem, not the solution. We need to abolish political parties in this country," he said.

Paul ran for president as a libertarian in 1988. Ventura, a former professional wrestler, served as governor from 1999-2003.

Ventura appeared promoting his new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read. He's also slated to go on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Monday.