Mitch Daniels will become the latest Republican presidential hopeful to take the stage at the American Enterprise Institute. The Indiana governor will be at the conservative think tank on May 4 to deliver a speech on education, an AEI spokeswoman confirmed to The Ballot Box.

Daniels is mulling a bid for the Republican 2012 presidential nomination. He's told reporters he remains focused on the current state legislative session, which must end by April 29, but will consider his future prospects after it wraps up.

During his second term as governor, Daniels has focused on several education reforms, including a measure to allow high-school students who finish a year early to use the savings from their senior year on their first year of college tuition. Daniels could tout his record on education during a national campaign. In 2000, for instance, then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush made that one of his signature issues in his race against Vice President Al Gore.

AEI recently played host to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whom many Republicans also consider a presidential contender.