Liberal group MoveOn.Org on Monday announced its opposition to the debt-ceiling deal negotiated by President Obama with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders.

"This is a bad deal for our fragile economic recovery, a bad deal for the middle class and a bad deal for tackling our real long-term budget problems. It forces deep cuts to important programs that protect the middle class, but asks nothing of big corporations and millionaires. And though it does not require cuts to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid benefits, it opens the door for these down the road via an unaccountable Congressional committee," said MoveOn.Org Executive Director Justin Ruben. 

"We surveyed our 5 million members and the vast majority oppose the deal because it unfairly asks seniors and the middle class to bear the burden of the debt deal.  Congress should do what it should have done long ago and what it has done dozens of times before — pass a clean debt ceiling bill."

MoveOn is one of the first major liberal organizations to come out against the compromise, while a slew of conservative groups including the Club for Growth have already bashed the deal. Their opposition will further shrink the eye of the needle congressional leaders must thread to pass the agreement by making some liberal Democrats less likely to vote for the deal.