Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's political action committee has released a new Web video featuring footage of her and supporters at the Iowa State Fair and promising to "see you again September 3rd," when she could announce whether or not she is running for president.

Palin has said she will make a decision in September about her intentions, and organizers for a Tea Party event she will keynote on Labor Day weekend recently moved the event to a larger space in Indianola, Iowa.

"I think the good folks here in Iowa, you can ask anybody here and I think that they would tell you it's time this country is put back on the right track, that the economy is strengthened, jobs are created in the private sector and they're ready for some positive change," Palin says in footage shot at the Iowa State Fair last Friday. "Doggone it, there's no faith given to the American people, to our small businesses, understanding that you all know better how to spend your own money than politicians in Washington, D.C., know how to spend."

Iowa's first in the nation caucuses make it a key state for any presidential aspirant. Palin was mobbed by a supporters at the fair — she had at least as many people seek her out as came to the planned speeches of other GOP presidential candidates.

Watch the video here: