The liberal healthcare advocacy group Protect Your Care will air ads in Florida attacking the Republican presidential candidates on healthcare ahead of Thursday's GOP debate in Orlando.

The six-figure buy criticizes the candidates for saying nothing at the last GOP debate, on Sept. 12 in Tampa, when the debate moderator asked if a man should be allowed to die if he gets sick and hasn't purchased healthcare. The moment is especially notable for the audience members' response to the question, with clapping, cheers and shouts of "Yes!" 

The ad also flicks Republicans for embracing Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) plan to privatize Medicare.

"They’ve spoken at their rallies. Traveled on their fancy bus. Even pledged to support Tea Party principles like ending Medicare as we know it. And just last week the Republican candidates for president stood by as Tea Party members chanted 'yes' in response to a question asking if an uninsured man should be left to die," says the ad's announcer. "Will Republican candidates listen to the extremes in their party on health care — or to the American people?"

The ad will run heavily in the Orlando media market from now through Saturday and will be advertised online around the country.