The founder of the Tea Party Nation — one of the largest coordinated groups in the conservative Tea Party movement — announced Monday that he would endorse former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

"Gingrich is the candidate who has the vision to fundamentally change the Federal Government. Gingrich has the unique capabilities to be the field general. He is the big idea man, much as Ronald Reagan was," Judson Philips, founder of the group, wrote in a blog post Monday.

Philips is the second prominent Tea Party leader to endorse Gingrich this month, after Allen Olson, chairman of the Columbia Tea Party, announced two weeks ago he was joining the campaign. 

“There is only one candidate for president who is leading on what I believe are the underlying issues this country faces,” Olson said in a statement. “Not only is this candidate talking about serious issues, he is providing real solutions.”

The Gingrich campaign hopes to gain some traction from the high-profile endorsements, as well a from a policy address later this week in Iowa in which Gingrich plans to lay out an updated "Contract with America." Gingrich has been struggling to move out of the single digits in polls of the Republican primary.

Gingrich has been among the most active candidates in cultivating Tea Party support, meeting with leaders across the country and launching an online social networking tool to solicit ideas from Tea Party activists.