Presidential hopeful Rick Perry is up with another ad in Iowa, attacking President Obama's oratorical abilities and promoting his record as Texas governor.

"If you're looking for a slick politician or a guy with great teleprompter skills, we already have that, and he’s destroying our economy," Perry says in the ad. "I'm a doer, not a talker."

Perry then says he helped cut $15 billion from Texas's state budget and that his state created 40 percent of the new jobs created in the U.S. since June of 2009.

The ad will run in Iowa, a state where Perry needs to do well if he hopes to be the GOP's presidential nominee. A poll of Iowa Republicans released this weekend had him in the single digits and tied for fifth in the state.

Perry's large campaign chest gives him the ability to run ads like this, while most of the other campaigns can't yet afford to be on the air.

Watch it here:

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