A video compiling clips of a recent Rick Perry speech in New Hampshire is nearing a half-million hits on YouTube.

The eight-minute video shows a punchy Perry joking about how "cool" New Hampshire's state slogan is, making fun of Herman Cain's tax plan and giggling when presented a bottle of maple syrup from the event's organizers. It went viral over the weekend and now has more than 475,000 views online.

Perry showcases his sense of humor in the clips and clearly enjoyed giving the speech to the socially conservative group Cornerstone Action — he comes off as much looser than he has appeared in many debates and on the stump.

But the speech might not be helping him: Late-night talk show hosts including Jon Stewart joked that he appeared drunk in the video, and the most common YouTube search on Tuesday attached to Perry's name was "drunk."

Asked about the comments by The Huffington Post, Perry’s campaign said, "The governor is passionate about the issues he talks about."

Watch it here: