Rick Perry offered some rare praise for a Democrat on Tuesday while declining to weigh in on the mounting controversy involving allegations that Herman Cain sexually harassed a number of women.

When asked in an ABC News/Yahoo interview which Democrats he could work well with, Perry named Vice President Biden.

I can sit down and talk to Joe Biden, Perry said. I think he gets it. 

The Texas governor said Biden is probably a loyal vice president who secretly understands that you cant take this country forward with many of the policies President Obama has pushed for, including increasing taxes on the wealthy, regulating Wall Street and reforming the health insurance industry.

When asked about numerous allegations that Herman Cain had sexually harassed female employees, Perry sought to avoid the question.

Ive been focused on my business and havent paid a lot of attention, he said. I dont have an interest in getting off my message.

Perry criticized Obamas handling of the economy and foreign policy, saying that the presidents repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell was a political statement and irresponsible, and said that if necessary, he would support a military strike to take out Irans nuclear capabilities.