Rick Perry's presidential campaign is up with a new Iowa ad, this one focused on introducing the Texas governor's personal history to voters.

"As the son of tenant farmers from the West Texas town of Paint Creek, I learned the values of hard work, faith, and family," Perry says in the ad. "I took those values with me when I served our country as a pilot in the Air Force. I returned home to farm and ranch with my father and married my high-school sweetheart. The values I learned served me well as governor of Texas and will continue to guide me as president."

His first two ads in the state focused on his economic successes as governor. That his campaign felt the need to try to re-introduce him to voters at this point is a sign that Perry is still not well-known in a state that he must do well in to have a shot at the GOP nomination.

Perry has faded in polls both nationally and in Iowa but has the money to go the distance if he can gain some momentum from the Hawkeye State. But if he fails to finish strongly there it will be very hard for Perry to recover.

Watch the ad here: