Jon Huntsman slammed Rick Perry's calls for starting all countries at zero in the budgeting process for foreign aid, calling the proposal "sound bite campaigning" on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning.

"We do as a people get a certain return from foreign aid," Huntsman said. He argued that some payments should be reevaluated but aid targeted towards expanding the rule of law and enhancing human rights are "in America's interest."

"To say we’re just going to wish it all away I think is just a political sound bite," he said.

Perry said at Saturday night's GOP debate that foreign aid needed to be scaled back dramatically, and that no countries — including Israel — should automatically receive aid from the U.S., although he predicted that as a "special ally" Israel would continue to be well-funded going forward.

Huntsman hit out at that idea, and criticized Perry's and other candidates' calls to end foreign aid to Pakistan, an unstable power with nuclear weapons. Huntsman said that the manner in which foreign aid is directed to Pakistan should be reevaluated, but that to cut off the country was dangerous.

"They very well could be a candidate for failed nationship," he said. "Because of their precarious state of affairs we've got to have an ongoing relationship with Pakistan that allows them to move in the direction of stability... something that is tied to reform, something that is tied towards stability" should be given to the country.