Two Iowa staffers who quit Newt Gingrichs presidential team as part of a mass exodus from the campaign in early June have come back to the former House Speaker, according to The Des Moines Register.

Craig Schoenfeld and Katie Koberg, two top Iowa Republican operatives, had been early staffers on the Gingrich campaign but quit along with approximately a dozen other staffers both in Iowa and on the national team because of complaints by many that Gingrich wasnt working the campaign trail hard enough.

But since those staff departures, Gingrich has been a more disciplined candidate, as his recent surge in the polls reflects. Now he has his top staffers in Iowa back.

With a little more than six weeks until the Iowa caucus, Schoenfeld and Koberg will have to work fast to grow a nascent campaign operation in the state. But regaining their support is a big get for Gingrich.