Anti-Hillary group asks: Is she 'next Al Capone?'
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An anti-Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonStopping Robert Mueller to protect us all Hillary Clinton hits Trump, pulls out Russian hat during Yale speech Giuliani: Mueller plans to wrap up Trump obstruction probe by Sept. 1 MORE group is asking whether the potential presidential contender is “the next Al Capone.”

The fundraising email sent Thursday by the Stop Hillary PAC knocks Clinton over the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and compares her to Capone because of his arrest for tax evasion.

“We all know Hillary is complicit in the deaths of four Americans by leaving them to burn in Benghazi. AND she has been accused of many other illegal acts, but until now, she has not been held accountable for anything,” writes Ted Harvey, co-founder of the Stop Hillary PAC.

“Well, Al Capone was a Chicago gangster responsible for smuggling, prostitution, and numerous counts of murder. And Capone, much like Hilary [sic], was never held accountable ... until federal authorities finally jailed him on a technicality -- tax evasion,” he writes.

Harvey says the super-PAC believes it has “NAILED Hillary on her own technicality -- multiple Federal Campaign Finance violations.”

“That’s right. We got her,” he adds.

The group is accusing Clinton of illegally coordinating with the Ready for Hillary super-PAC by allowing it access to her official resources. The 2008 Clinton presidential campaign rented the super-PAC its email list.

It’s unlikely that the violation will ultimately result in any action, as the practice is common for campaigns and super-PACs.