Determined not to let any opportunity to mock Mitt Romney go to waste, Democrats will take to the skies on Wednesday with a 175-foot banner at the same time Romney donors will be arriving at New York fundraisers for his presidential bid.

The Democratic National Committee has hired an airplane to circle above the Hudson River along Manhattan's west side for three hours during lunch, carrying a sign reading, "Bet you 10k Romney’s out of touch." The banner includes a link to a DNC website serving as a hub for attacks portraying Romney as an elitist.

New York Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs and Bayonne, N.J., Mayor Mark Smith will also address reporters in Weehawken, N.J., in full view of both the airplane baner and the New York skyline.

Democrats have pounded Romney in videos, on Twitter and through surrogates since the former Massachusetts governor casually bet Rick Perry $10,000 during a Saturday debate that Perry was misleading voters about a passage Perry claimed Romney removed from his book.

Perry and the other GOP hopefuls have also jumped on board, using the gaffe to argue that Romney doesn't inherently understand the economic troubles facing most Americans.