Newt Gingrich's campaign has surpassed the 10,000 signatures needed to appear on Virginia's ballot, it reported Thursday afternoon.

"Passed req 10K signatures in VA, 600 from each district. On the way to 15K," tweeted the campaign.

Virginia has a stringent requirement of 10,000 signatures and 400 from each congressional district, and signatures are due at the end of the day Thursday. Gingrich said earlier this week that his campaign was "scrambling" to get on the ballot. He also barely made it onto Ohio's ballot.

Gingrich added two Virginia events to his schedule — one Wednesday evening and another Thursday — despite Iowa's looming caucuses. That decision suggests he might have harbored real fears about missing the deadline.

The struggle to fulfill ballot requirements shows how badly outpaced Gingrich's organization is structurally by other campaigns, including Mitt Romney's and Ron Paul's — he is the only candidate who has had such public struggles.