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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday he’s not interested in running for president.

On NBC’s “Today” show, Bloomberg was asked if he would ever consider launching a bid for the White House. 

“ 'No' is the answer--plain and simple. I’m going to spend the rest of my life making a better world for myself, for my kids, for my grandchildren,” said Bloomberg, an independent who was also once a Democrat and a Republican.

Asked if there was room for a third party-candidate, Bloomberg said, “This is a two-party country, I think it’s unlikely that you’d ever have a third-party candidate that would win.”

Bloomberg’s interview focused on his announcement Wednesday that he’s launching a $50 million operation to take on the National Rifle Association.

His new gun violence prevention group, “Everytown for Gun Safety,” will “reward those that are protecting lives,” Bloomberg said.

The group will also make sure opponents "lose elections," he added. 

Bloomberg served as mayor of New York from 2002 until last December.