New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Tuesday said it would be “stressful” to run for president against former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R). 

“It would be stressful because I consider Jeb a friend. And he’s been a wonderful friend to me, especially during Sandy and the aftermath. … You like to run against people that you don’t like, not run against people that you do like and respect,” Christie said on the monthly “Ask the Governor” program on a New Jersey radio station. 

Christie said he’s close with the Bush family, and said he believes Bush hasn’t made up his mind yet.

“I take Jeb at his word, which is he hasn’t made a decision about what he wants to do, and that it’s an intensely personal decision,” Christie said. “I agree with that. … He said he has to determine whether he has the fire in his belly to do this.”

Christie is also still in the process of mulling a White House bid and suggested potential contenders wouldn’t make a decision until after November's midterm elections. 

“In the end, everybody is going to make their own decisions, myself included, about what they think is best for them, and what they think is best for our party, and what we think is best for the country," he said. "I firmly believe that none of the decisions are going to be made until after the midterm elections anyways.”

Christie is still recovering from the repercussions of the George Washington Bridge scandal and is still under the microscope as federal prosecutors and the New Jersey legislature continue investigations. 

Bush, meanwhile, has recently been leading the potential GOP field in 2016 in various polls. He served as Florida’s governor from 1999 until 2007.