Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton slammed President Obama as incompetent on foreign policy and urged religious conservatives to consider national security issues when choosing candidates this election cycle and beyond.

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to the Majority” conference, Bolton told a crowd of about 150 that a strong national defense was integral to protecting the nation’s freedoms and that President Obama was failing on that responsibility.

“Every day that goes by leaves the republic weaker. Virtually everything [Obama] has said about foreign and defense policy has proven wrong,” he said.

Bolton said Obama’s moves in the Middle East have brought the region “virtually to complete chaos,” and slammed the president for the administration’s efforts to replace Iraqi leadership as “more than a day late and a dollar short.” 

And he warned that “the bad news is really still to come,” because other nations may be emboldened by Obama’s foreign policy, which he said is based on the president’s belief that “America is part of the problem in the world” and “American strength is provocative.”

Bolton has made no secret of his interest in a 2016 presidential run, and he has emerged as an outspoken critic of Obama’s foreign policy over the past year. 

He’s also launched a PAC and a super-PAC to back candidates this cycle, and through both groups he plans to make national security and foreign policy top issues. 

And during his Thursday speech, Bolton again emphasized the need for voters to have a debate over national security and “America’s proper place in this world.”

“We got a weak and inexperienced president through two presidential elections because those issues were not debated adequately. We cannot afford to let that happen again,” he said.