Crossroads groups raise $100 million
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American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS have combined to raise $100 million since the beginning of 2011, a group spokesman told The Hill on Friday. 

It's a huge haulf for the GOP-affiliated outside groups that makes even most presidential fundraising look paltry by comparison, and highlights the influence the two groups are likely to have in this year's election.

The figure includes $49 million raised in the last three months, a sign that the groups should have no problem hitting their targeted goal of raising and spending $250 million on the election.

American Crossroads, the super-PAC side of the group, has nearly $25 million cash on hand, more than double the amount Mitt Romney has in the bank. Crossroads GPS, which is technically an issue advocacy group that does not have to say who its donors are, did not divulge how much money it has saved.

The groups are crucial for the GOP: Because Romney is currently at a major cash disadvantage to Obama, the outside groups will have to carry his water on television advertising until he can replenish his coffers. The two groups already went up with a major ad buy criticizing President Obama this month.

They have also spent heavily in Senate races where the GOP has a contested primary, targeting Democratic incumbents to weaken their numbers.