Mitt Romney said the Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's healthcare law was disappointing, but argued it would give him an edge this fall.

“The ObamaCare ruling makes the urgency of replacing President Obama even more clear in the minds of American voters,” Romney said in an interview with NewsmaxTV on Friday.

“ObamaCare is not good law. It’s not good policy. The American people didn’t want it in 2010, that’s one of the reasons [Republicans] picked up so many seats in the House and Senate.

“And I think in the election this November, people who know they don’t want ObamaCare will have to vote out President Obama, and that’s a plus for me.”

In his criticism of healthcare, which critics deride as "ObamaCare," Romney reiterated what he says are the law’s costs.

“[People going to the polls won’t] want to see $500 billion in new taxes. They don’t want to see a $500 billion cut to Medicare. They don’t want to see what the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] said could be up to 20 million people losing the health insurance they currently have, being dropped by their employer’s insurance plan. They don’t want to see greater deficits passed on to our kids,” Romney said.

“These things are all part of the ObamaCare story, and I think that’s one of the reasons we’ll get more energy and passion in this election, more urgency to replace the president than might have occurred had the bill been struck down.”