President Obama will return to Iowa next Tuesday with a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, where he is expected to continue hammering Mitt Romney’s economic record.

Campaign aides said that the president intends to talk to Iowans about the “clear economic choice in this election,” reports said.

The visit will be Obama’s fourth to the Midwestern battleground state, and his second campaign trip there this year.

Polls show the presidential contenders locked in a tight race for Iowa, which Obama carried in 2008, and is one of 12 states that could determine the outcome of the contest.

A WeAskAmerica poll released last month showed Obama with a 1-point edge, with 45 percent support of likely Iowa voters to Romney’s 44. A poll from conservative outlet Rasmussen, however, put Romney up 1 point, at 47 percent to 46 for the president.

Obama’s Cedar Rapids visit will come on the heels of a bus tour later this week to Ohio and Pennsylvania, where the president is expected to tout his economic record to voters, in particular his stimulus package and management of the auto-industry bailout.

The two-day swing, dubbed the “Betting on America” tour, is part of a new shift in the campaign. Officials say the president will hold a variety of events to reach out to voters and more personally present his economic record.

Polls show voters believe the economy and jobs are the most important issues ahead of November’s general election.

Obama’s campaign has, in recent weeks, stepped up attacks on presumptive GOP presidential candidate Romney’s record as former head of private equity giant Bain Capital and his economic policies as one-time Massachusetts governor.

Yesterday, the president's campaign began running a new ad hitting Romney as an “outsourcer” of jobs in 9 key swing states, including Iowa.

“Mitt Romney’s companies were pioneers in outsourcing U.S. jobs to low-wage countries,” the ad says, citing a Washington Post story last month that said some companies Bain invested in created jobs overseas.

“President Obama believes in insourcing,” the ad continues.

“We are happy to put Gov. Romney's record of job creation in the private sector, and as governor, up against President Obama's any day,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg responded in a statement.