A new ad by a pro-Obama super-PAC is using an Olympic spoof to hit Mitt Romney over outsourcing. 

The ad by Priorities USA shows Romney arriving like an athlete to the opening ceremonies and waving to the crowd. It then suggests China and India are especially happy to see Romney because of the jobs he has outsourced to those countries. 

The spot jabs the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for keeping money in bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

"Welcome to the Olympics. There's Mitt Romney, who ran the Salt Lake City Games, waving to ... China, home to a billion people — thousands owe their jobs to Mitt Romney's companies," the ad's narrator says. "India, which also gained jobs thanks to Romney, an outsourcing pioneer, and Burma, where Romney had the uniforms made for the 2002 Games.

"We know the Swiss have a special place in Mitt Romney's wallet — er, heart. He kept millions in Swiss banks. Those Swiss sure know how to keep a secret. Speaking of secrets, there's Bermuda. Home to a secretive corporation set up by Romney. No one knows why, and Romney won't tell. And the Cayman Islands, where Romney keeps millions to avoid U.S. taxes."

After a mock scoreboard displays a medal count in events such as "outsourcing" and "secret banking," the ad closes with the tagline "You've gotta say this about Mitt Romney: He sure knows how to go for the gold — for himself."

The ad will run during the Olympics in a handful of key swing states.

Watch it: