Sanders: Jeb’s big money is ‘undermining the foundations’ of democracy
© Greg Nash
A super-PAC supporting Bush’s 2016 run for the White House announced earlier Thursday it brought in more than $100 million in the past six months.
At a policy event in Arlington, Va., Sanders slammed Bush as indicative of a larger problem in elections, according to CNN.
"This money is clearly coming from the wealthiest people in this country," he said, specifically noting that donors are “people like Sheldon Adelson and, most significantly, the Koch brothers outfits."
Sanders also ripped Bush for saying Wednesday that “people need to work longer hours” to help grow the economy. 
"Jeb Bush thinks that's not enough, that working men and women need to work longer hours,” Sanders said of those working more than 40 hours a week.
He said there’s little difference between Bush and other Republican White House candidates.
"On issue after issue, when you bring them out into the open, you find that the Republican Party is literally a fringe party, whose views are so out of touch with the American people," Sanders said. 
Sanders is a longshot to win the Democratic nomination, though he’s been gaining ground on favorite Hillary Clinton.
Bush is a slim favorite in the very crowded Republican 2016 race.