Trump calls Wasserman Schultz 'a terrible person'
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Donald TrumpDonald TrumpCarrier union boss gets threatening calls after Trump tweets about him Sanders campaign chair: Don't buy David Brock's blame game for Clinton loss Clinton aide hammers Trump campaign: 'Own up to' giving alt-right a platform MORE panned Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a “terrible person” and a “highly neurotic woman” during an interview Monday morning. 

“You have this crazy Wasserman Schultz — Deborah Wasserman Schultz — who is in there, a highly neurotic woman,” Trump said of the Florida lawmaker in an interview on SiriusXM's “Brietbart News Daily.”

“This is a woman that is a terrible person,” Trump said of the Florida lawmaker. “I watch her on television. She's a terrible person.”

Trump contrasted last week's Republican debate hosted by CNBC, which was widely criticized by conservatives as unprofessional, with the first Democratic debate hosted by CNN last month.

“In all fairness, she negotiated a great deal for Hillary because they gave Hillary all softballs. Every ball was a softball,” he said of the Democratic debate.

"The Republican front-runner's misogynistic attacks are sadly representative of the GOP's outdated approach to women and the issues that affect them and their families," Kaylie Hanson, a DNC spokeswoman, said in a statement.

"Whether it's trying to get between them and their doctor, opposing equal pay for equal work, or using offensive language, the Republican Party is wrong for women."

The real estate magnate turned GOP presidential front-runner has been criticized for how he describes women, most notably by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly when she moderated the first GOP debate in August. 

He's since sparred more with Kelly in a series of high profile spats, defending his comments days later on CNN's “State of the Union” by stating, “I cherish women.”

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